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I’m starting to like The Position more and more. They’ve got some good stuff there. And in my never-ending quest for literate and intelligent sex writing on the web, that’s a Good Thing.
Case in point: this month’s Dick-tionary. Reminds me an awful lot of The Book of the Penis by Maggie Paley that I’ve been reading recently. Fun facts for those who love (and love to read about) the penis.
Interesting factoids to share from the article:
The youngest father ever reported was seven years old. Okay, this one freaked me out. Bast’s son is turning six this month, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of just how old seven is. And it’s not nearly old enough. While I’m well aware that people are sexual beings from the day we are born (and even before), I really prefer to keep underaged kids separated in my brain as totally androgynous. Little darlings without any sexuality whatsoever. Because the alternative is a little icky.
Older men stay harder and can fuck almost indefinitely without orgasm. Good news for a woman who’s turning thirty this year. Of course, this begs the question if endless fucking is really all that good for the health of those aging darlings, but I’m no medical expert. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll just grab their hips and hold on for as long as I can. <grin>
penile elephantiasis is a viral disease that can cause a penis to swell to a sphere two feet across. Ick. Is that a hot-air balloon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Sperm contains minerals and enzymes, including Vitamin C,. Vitamin B12, fructose, sulfur, zinc. copper, magnesium and potassium. Which just proves my point yet again (see original point) that come is health food. See, sex can be exercise and vitamins all rolled into one. It’s better than a health club membership – to say nothing of more fun!
Three percent of men can suck themselves off, which makes me wonder if women are then finally obsolete in these cases? While the idea sounds interesting, somehow I don’t think it would be anywhere near as erotic to watch as a man jerking off. Awfully awkward, too, don’t you think?
Anyways, go read the article if you’re interested in more little penile factoids.Finally from the hypocrisy files, Salon reports that Fox TV has refused to run ads for female contraceptives during its lascivious Temptation Island reality television show. Funnier still, as opposed to the adulterous/polygamous undershadow the show itself supports, the commercial was very tame, featuring a married woman speaking to her husband about wanting to wait a while before they have kids. Big penis-spank on the head to the hypocrites at Fox TV.

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