new story and hearing “I love you”


Uploaded a new story today to the stories area called First Time. I’m trying my hand at other types of erotica; namely, the short-short. It’s a very short little story (kind of like the haiku of prose) meant to describe just one moment, one feeling, or one thought. It just popped into my mind a few days ago and out the story came. It’s a fun little thing. I may write more of these – they’re kind of like potato chips. Hard to write just one. Fun, short snacks of erotica.
I’ve also started sketching out (in a very loose way) the outline for the novel I’m going to try to write in the new year. I’m fairly excited about it now that I’ve got the main thrust of the story figured out. It will be fun to watch what these characters do to one another. I’m hoping it will be cathartic for me as well.
Watched Ally McBeal last night. She and her guy were looking kind of iffy through the episode – his ex was back in town. The ex even said that she wanted Ally’s guy back. But in one of the most heartrending scenes I’ve seen in a while, he explains to Ally that he didn’t think there was any chance he and his ex could work it out when he was so totally and completely in love with her. Romantic Christmas music swelled and peaked in the background.
Ally teared up. I bawled my eyes out. Yes, I’m a sap. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.
That first time you hear “I love you” from someone you love as well… it’s a special time. One of the most magical moments, or at least it should be. I’ve only had that first time twice in my life.Once in the back room of the store I was managing, with one of those Blue Mountain Arts cards in my hand. He looked at me and told me, his entire face lit with the depth of his emotion. When he left, I cried for ten minutes. From sheer happiness. Later that day, I finally got up the guts to say it back to him. One of the best days of my life, even though that love didn’t last.
Once, drunk, in the back of a cab, with a big “BUT” attached. It’s never a good sign when the words “love” and “but” come in the same sentence. And when part b) needs to be drilled into you, there’s not much time to just savor part a). No swelling background music, here. I suppose I had it coming. But I digress.
I just pray Robert Downey Jr. can stay off the sauce long enough to see his character and Ally make something real.

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