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One of my all-time favourite scenes from Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series is in The Killing Dance when Anita and the gang must get dressed in full fetish wear to meet the head of the local werewolf pack (they never explain why, really, in the series, but every big meeting seems to require outrageous dress). It’s a very scary meeting they’re about to go to, and they dress appropriately.
Anita’s not much of a fetish-wear kind of girl; her vampire boyfriend had an outfit made for her. Black leather bra, black leather shorts, other straps of black leather wound around her body in strategic paces. Two sets of arm sheaths for the knives. Another set of sheaths for her thighs. A loop in the back of her shorts for the leather holster holding her favourite gun, a Browning 9mm. And high boots with little loops on each side to hold – since it’s a vampire tale – vials of holy water.
When the transformation was complete, the results were amazing. She looked like somebody’s weapon. Or, in Anita parlance, something that would kill you before it would fuck you.
This outfit left a big impression on me, though I’m not so much out to kill people. 🙂 It promised heat, sex, violence… I’m planning on shopping around to find some of the same. Something that promises everything I have in my little mind… and more.
So far, I’ve found the boots for this little outfit of mine at Adult Toy Chest: The Whip Spike Boot. These boots just ooze sex. And there’s a handy riding crop installed in a little pouch down the side of the boot. Who needs holy water?
I’m still deciding if I want a bra and shorts, a bra and panties, or a corselette for the outfit. Or even this keyhole dress has some appeal.
Whatever I choose, I just want to make sure it looks and feels like sex and heat and power… and even a bit of danger. Looks like it’s time to go shopping.

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