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Most guys I know love to be able to snuggle down between a pair of breasts, slide their face in there, and fall asleep (if they can do so without being smothered).
I think it’s a maternal thing. Sure, when guys are awake and all sexed up (which are synonymous, right?), breasts are tits and they’re a sex object, something they get great voyeuristic pleasure from watching bounce (think Baywatch), a place they can arouse and delight their woman. But when the sleepies come, they’re not so much such objects as delightfully soft pillows they can rest between. And I do think, unspoken and subconsciously, they’re a reminder of the last time they felt all warm and secure: between their mother’s breasts.
Well, single dudes need no longer curse their independent status; they can rest between boobs even without a lady sharing their bed.
Enter Tit Pillows.
Oh, I got a good giggle from this one. Can you imagine being invited back to some bachelor’s pad and finding one or two of these pillows adorning their bed? Would you make a run for it? Double over laughing? Offer him the real thing to sleep between?The human capacity for inventiveness and strangeness never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

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