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Ran across a new site while visiting Jane’s Guide this week, called Naked News. OK, I had to admit to some curiousity, so I stopped in for a peek.
Well, it’s what it says. It’s the news – just like the kind you watch with your family, with anchors and special correspondents, only with a twist; they’re all naked.
For now, at least, they’re also all female (pout), but I digress.
I clicked the speed and format of the news delivery I wanted, and settled back in my chair. A cute little “Naked News” intro and then you see an attractive, fully dressed anchor begin to spew today’s headlines. Before she’s finished the lead story, she’s starting to undo the buttons on her blouse. The next several stories are covered as she begins removing clothing – skirt, blouse, then bra and panties.I watch in fascination. It’s kind of like a car accident – you can’t help yourself from looking.
By the time she’s removed all her clothing, I realize I haven’t listened to a damn word she said. Something about plastic surgery, something about the Al Gore/George Bush fiasco, yadda yadda yadda. I was too busy watching her undress. Not only is it strange to see all the skin appearing, I realize that just the movements themselves are distracting – might just be the reason why most news anchors are lifeless torsos that barely move an inch while divulging the day’s events. I can’t imagine that I’d be the only one who feels this way. While I can see that many may come here for the “news”, as it were, will they really leave educated?
On the plus side, these ladies are very attractive, so if you find yourself bored by looking at Dan Rather, this might be an alternative for you to get your daily dose of news.
To the people behind Naked News, I have one piece of advice: get a male correspondent! 🙂

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