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Ran across a hilarious list online today – Top 10 Bad Arguments for Anal Sex. They’re listed as things to never tell your lover if you’re trying to have anal sex with her. A few of these had me rolling in the aisles, but the #1 reason was super. Come to think of it, would that really be such a bad thing to hear? <grin>
I think I’m offended. If you hop over to you’ll find tons of free stuff – articles, stories, pics. But just try to be a woman looking for classy smut at and you’ll be in for a big surprise… Members Only. The only free thing you have access to is the chat area. Ugh. When are these companies gonna realize that we women want the same thing as men do – and we shouldn’t have to damn well pay for it any more than men should!
In other news, I managed (somehow… sheepish grin) to wear out my silver bullet (see review) and had to go shopping for a new one this weekend. Decided to pick up a slightly sturdier one called the (are you ready for this?) Space Explorer Vibe. Five speeds, runs on a 9 volt battery, and ran me sixty bucks. Worth every penny. I’ll include a review for it sometime next week. For now suffice it to say, yay me! 🙂
Had a hilarious time shopping for my vibe at Seduction. Oh, the cash I could spend in this place. I found the stockings I wanted, some body paint I have to try someday, a couple of bra and panty sets that looked delicious, and enough vibes and dildos to keep Vikki a happy girl for a long time to come, if you’ll pardon the pun.
Some things I couldn’t ever see myself buying:”Realistic 12″ cock!” the box screams at me. Honest to God, a real 12″ dildo complete with veins and simulated cock skin. I have only one thing to say. Ouch.
Suction cup cock: This big, droopy cock had an honest-to-God suction cup on the end. The store had it stuck to a wall for a demo, and I cried out loud laughing when I saw it. I had to flick it with my hand just to watch it go boing! boing! boing! against the wall. Oh, too, too funny.
Like your men uncut? They’ve got the dildo for you – comes complete with foreskin. While I quite enjoy uncut men in real life, why would I buy a dildo with this extra piece of latex around it? Am I crazy or is this just too, too weird?
Latex fist, complete with attached arm. Life size. I have only one more thing to say. Double ouch.

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