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Spent some time today trolling the Sexual Records web site. Interesting stuff. Kind of like the Guiness Book of World Records for sex.
status orgasmus
According to the site, this means prolonged orgasm. The longest ever recorded? One woman orgasmed for 43 seconds. That’s 25 successive contractions. Talk about a wild ride. I can’t even imagine the recuperation time needed after that one!
They reference Mae West’s autobiography here as well, citing that she once had sex with a man named Ted for 15 hours. I’m thinking there’s not enough lube in the world for that kind of marathon.I mean…. ow!
The world’s biggest dildo, according to Sexual Records, is – are you ready for this, girls? Maybe you might want to cross your legs first… 67 ft. high and weighs 347 tons. They don’t mention if it’s even actually been *used* (which begs the question, is a dildo really a dildo if it’s too big to be used?) but I’ll take a wild stab and guess “no”.
Okay, no really… ow!
The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around. I’m thinking this guy had a *lot* of women run screaming from him at the end of a date. I mean, I’m all for a challenge and everything, but a woman’s gotta have limits. I have my internal organs to think about.
I wonder if that behemoth was circumcised? [grin]

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