that’s it, the search is over


I have finally found the man of my dreams. Game over.

The new man in my life, pagan god that he is, wrote me the first email in our new, lifelong correspondence just last night:

Hey vikki..

You sound like the perfect babe to me. I am availabel anytime you are.
Let’s hook up.

Now, really, how could I consider giving myself to any other man, with an offer like that on the table?


I wish I could say I don’t get something like this every week. But I do.

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  • hehehehe.
    there is no way one could pass up a studly hunk of man so original and articulate as this one.
    when you’re done with him wanna pass his number on to me? 😉

  • If only I had a solo blog instead of a couple blog, guys would send me witty, articulate email like that! 😉

  • It’s charm such as that, that keeps me from going “invisible” on ICQ… Way too… um… uplifting? 😉

  • You never know, Vikki. He might just be offering to come over and fix your DVD player so that it plays widescreen videos properly.

  • Just one a week, wow, how do you make it from one week to the next? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • The frustration that you write of is a cultural phenomena, and a sad one indeed. Look around you. The culture has become so immersed in cheap sexuality that it has dulled the senses, perhaps beyond repair. Why must we be subject to Levitra and Cialis commercials? Is that really necessary? And whoever dreamt that the problem was physical to begin with? The problem exists between the ears, not the thighs.
    Your anger directed towards men, understandable, mind you, should be a function of anger directed towards the superficial societal influence that has produced such insane selfishness.
    It would seem to me that sexual satisfaction (put another way, lots of intense orgasms)that your woman enjoys should be every man’s objective, and not how long their woody can be maintained (and yeah, I know that the two aren’t completely unrelated, but I think you know what I mean).
    Women can’t escape culpability either. When a society adopts the slutty example of Britney Spears or an utterly boring cretin like Paris Hilton as the paragon of female sexuality, there’s a problem afoot.
    Whatever happened to the power of suggestion and a lively imagination as opposed to open advertisement?
    An idea, and a radical one at that: how about men acting as gentlemen, and conducting their affairs accordingly, and women as ladies characterized by style and grace? There will always be a time and place for all things that would follow, including sex (and lots of intense orgasms – how about a ratio of 4 female to 1 male?). I think that to be imminently appropriate.
    And yes, some men are quite articulate as well, thank you.

  • men watch too much tv…i refer to “sex&thecity”, MTV’s real tv…and so on, and so on. do they really think women act like the women on these shows, much less LOOK like them, lol.
    as we march forward into time, it becomes more understandable why there are LESS desireable men that are keepers. the macho attitude, “me tarzan. you jane” mentality is a hoot. your invitation to “hook up” sounds just like what tarzan would suggest…in the crudest ways.
    sigh, men are puds. i’d rather play with my toys than put up with them. then, there are the men who’s wives don’t want them, have you noticed that there are a LOT of them (rejected men) on the net? makes you wonder what is wrong with the world, lol.
    hang in there vickie, surely there is the perfect man for you, somewhere out there.

  • Wow,
    He will certianly make a great husband. Bringing home dead animals that he had killed with his own club, dragging his gatherer around by the hair, and inventing fire to keep the cave warm.
    btw, did he use the word dude at all in his post?
    Just remember, not all men are like him, some of the most unassuming, quiet men make great friends and lovers. They are just a little to shy to walk up, and talk to a woman.

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