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I remember with misty fondness the year I discovered the web, more than five years ago. I gorged myself on the offerings of the meagre web, spending hundreds of hours online, determined to see each and every web site there was to see. Yahoo (still housed on Standford’s servers) was a staple of my life.Over time, my browsing patterns changed, both from exposure and from the rapid exponential growth of the Internet. I spent time looking for good sites. Before long, my browsing patterns became even less frequent, serving only to find the information I was looking for and as quickly as possible. Only a dozen times or so in the past few years have I found a site that enthralled me enough to make me want to stick around, discover every nook and cranny, and keep coming back for more.
Today’s find, a new site called Libida, finds itself in that rare category of sites I want to gorge on, a site I will visit time and time again for updates and info and enjoyment. It bills itself as “The Spot for Female Sexuality”, and it’s truly wonderful. Feature articles and erotica, opinions, and a delightful ecommerce site. Everything is so well integrated it makes me wonder why nobody has accomplished such a site for women, until now.
Finds from the Libida site I’d like to share: a wonderful short erotica piece called Playing in the Park. If this is the quality of erotic writing they intend to keep up, I’ll be a devoted fan for a long time. Delicious.
Also found a line on a new book, Forbidden Erotica, which I MUST buy. Looks like exactly what I’m looking for to add to the collection.
Finally, I also found a new item for the holiday wish list… I can’t believe I forgot to add this earlier! The Remote Panty, of course… just like the one featured in the story The Lovers, Part One: The Gift I wrote last year. Needless to say, I’d also like a naughty man in my life who’d be willing to hold the remote and tease me unmercifully…
That may be a little big for Santa to fit down the chimney, however. <grin>
At any rate, check this site out!!!

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