more holiday shopping


OK, so I was bored. Decided to check out other fun items for the holiday wish list.

    sexy, Martha Stewart style – okay, this isn’t the Martha Stewart site, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking around. Apparently a few naughty bits (Kama Sutra items, mostly) have gone mainstream enough to include in a classy site like this. I was intrigued by their exclusive chocoholics body frosting which comes with two small paintbrushes to allow you to paint to your heart’s desire. Three jars, different flavours including, of course, chocolate. Wish I could taste these treats first though, try before you buy is definitely a plus when it comes to edible playthings.
    i’d never buy it for myself – but this was intriguing. A vibrating cock, standing. Adjustable. You can sink yourself right down on it and hump away to your heart’s content. Would I ever buy it for myself? Probably not. If someone gave it to me, would I use it? You bet yer sweet bootie! 🙂

The last item is not so much for the wish list so much as for the now I’ve seen everything file. A cocksucker’s mirror – it actually slips over the penis and balls so you can watch yourself go to work. Why is this necessary in life? If I want to watch, I’ve got lots of mirrors. Truth be told, though, I’d rather watch his face while I’m slurping away than my own. I suppose it might be helpful to perfect those Penthouse “I’m sucking your cock and don’t I look like a sexy tramp” looks but honestly, it looks a little silly to me!
I’d take the guy in the picture, though… <grin>

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