books: velvet glove by emma holly

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy Emma’s erotica, but even I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Velvet Glove. Some of the scenes were mind-blowingly erotic, a full eleven on a scale of one to ten, and every scene was tightly written, adding to the story and then moving on.

Velvet Glove by Emma Holly is a reprint issued by Black Lace. The original was published in the late 90’s but is nearly impossible to find, so I was very glad to see this available again in bookstores.

The story follows the journey of a young woman named Audrey who has just escaped from a very compelling but ultimately brutal BDSM relationship with a man named Sterling. She runs into the arms of Tommy, a young man who’s been in love with her seemingly forever and has so much pent-up desire for her that it’s surprisingly arousing—both for her and for the reader. But all too soon, she meets Patrick, another man who wants to master her. The difference is that while her first “master” was brutal and cold, Patrick is gentle and warm… but with a steely will underneath. Continue reading “books: velvet glove by emma holly”

a matter of faith

Okay, so dirty little secret-sharing time here.

First, a big disclaimer: I think what has been going on in the Catholic church is horrifying. I also am not a big fan of organized religion, particularly Catholicism, so this diary entry has nothing to do with advocating Catholicism, illegal sexual behaviour by priests, etc.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, then… I have a confession to make (pun intended).

I find priests just plain sexy. Ministers, priests, whatever. Priests a little more, for the purpose of fantasy, but that’s mainly because it’s forbidden, and how my psyche loves to wrap itself around that little word.

My girlfriends figured this out about me recently, and absolutely revel in teasing me about it. They love finding new examples of priests who turn me on.

My most recent crushes has involved Stephen Collins from 7th Heaven, Gabriel Byrne in Stigmata (oh, yum), Joaquim Phoenix in Quills (double yum), but a quick search around the ‘net also helped me to find images of Russell Crowe in The Quick and The Dead, Christopher Reeve in Monsignor, even Nicholas Cage in Face/Off.

For those of you who also enjoy erotica, there’s an incredible scene in Menage by Emma Holly which also goes along this theme, and it’s mind-blowing.

It got me to wondering just why I think it’s sexy. Here’s what I’ve figured out (stepping into fantasy here). There’s something, first of all, about all that denial, all that sexual tension just built up and built up for years and years. Imagine the sensitivity, the vulnerability, the incredible stretched-on-a-rack feelings he would have after all those years. And then there’s the forbidden-ness. The fact that while his cassock was being tented by an incredible erection, he would be saying no… or trying to.

Going for “confession” would be another part of it. And then, the whole capital punishment thing. I think spanking would definitely fit into this little scenario I’m cooking up in my brain.

Okay, I know I can’t be the only woman who finds this combination arousing, or The Thorn Birds would not have been so popular. While I can’t imagine seducing an honest-to-goodness priest, and role-playing has never been something I felt wholly comfortable with… oh, how I would clench and get juicy if a partner dressed up like this for me. Seriously. I’d go crazy.

So, for those of you ladies who share the same kinky desire, I share the links below. I’ll add more as I find them:

The Priest Movie Page (list of most movies that have had priests in them)
SexTV’s feature on the history of celibacy in the Catholic Church
Religion-based costumes at Costume Zone – erotic short story featuring a priest
Erotica-readers – another erotic short story
Autobiography of a Flea – an older porn movie that has a priest in it
Literotica stories containing the word priest

advanced blowjobs

I’ve spent the last several days exploring the truly lovely site satin slippers. Very nice stories, pre-edited (which in my opinion is what makes the grade rather than free-for-all story sites).

But wait! They’ve got non-fiction too. Not huge amounts, but what they have is top-shelf. Tonight I took a moment and read over their Advanced Blowjob Technique.

A sidebar. Most of you who read here on a regular basis know of my love of blowjobs. If you’re a regular, you’re also probably aware that I’m always on the schniff (to borrow a lovely word from a man I used to know) for techniques that will Drive Him Out Of His Mind. No stone goes unturned. I will have not become a good cocksucker, in my opinion, until I have a bag of tricks that’s truly envious. For those of you who aren’t regulars, well, now you know. 🙂

But back to the advanced blowjob. The mantra about rhythm and moisture is something that goes for all blowjobs, in my opinion, but I can see where it would be particularly useful here. But still. I was fascinated. Best advanced tips I’ve read in a long time. Something actually new, something I’ve not tried before or seen done before or placed on my list of top-ten-things-to-do-when-I-start-dating-again.

Oh! Do I want to try this thing. It’s going to the top of the list, kiddies, and I’m not exaggerating.

Will it require a partner who has patience, as the article says? Sure, but really, if your girl (or your boy, for that matter) is willing to practice giving a blowjob like this, to reach their goal of being able to give a blowjob like this, isn’t that worth it? Somehow I can’t picture too many men (well, my ex-husband maybe, but that’s another novel) turning this down.

To my male readers: would you enjoy something like this? I mean, really enjoy it? Can you give it to me on a scale of one to ten?

And to my female readers: want to give this a try? I’d love to hear how it works!

Damn, I gotta start dating again soon. 😉

outrageous flirting

I am a smartass around men (some people just call this flirting, but it’s more than that, really). Most men, actually. Doesn’t even matter if I’m attracted to them or if I just work with them or if we’re just friends, it’s how I relate to them, how I get along with them, how I gauge what kind of person they are. But, as you might expect, I seem to be even more of a smartass with men I find attractive. It’s not like I do it on purpose. It’s just me.

It suddenly occurred to me today that one of the biggest reasons I am an outrageous smartass around men is that I secretly, subsconsciously hope that one of them, one day, will reach a point where enough is enough already and they will show their impatience and back me up into a wall and take my mouth with theirs to shut me the hell up.

And when I find the man that actually does this, that counters my smartassness with not just laughter or appreciation but with a searing kiss and the threat of his body, that’s when I’ll know I’ve come closer to finding the man of my dreams than I ever have before.

Wouldn’t you think I should already know this about myself? Sure. Particularly after my year or so flirting with BDSM. But sometimes these realizations take a while to bubble up and become part of your consciousness.

a little battery juice goes a long way

Will you do your part? 🙂

Just a reminder that it’s May and that means National Masturbation Month. Depending on where you live, there are fundraisers and other fun ways to participate in the festivities: Good Vibrations in S.F., Come As You Are in Toronto, Toys in Babeland in NYC all have deliciously lubricious events planned in the name of self-love. If your city’s not listed, get in touch with a sex-positive shop in your area.

For my part, I think my celebrations will largely involve a juicy erotic novel, a brand new 9 volt battery for the bullet, and maybe a new toy for myself. GoodVibes now carries the Audi-Oh. The Five Finger Fantasy is also a temptation.

To be honest (particularly given my incredible horniness over the last several months) my ideal Masturbation Month celebration would include watching a sexy man fondle and rub and stroke and jerk himself to a shuddering, spurting conclusion. God, how I love watching men rub themselves. I’ve only seen it live once, but it was amazing. Even listening to men talk about it turns me on.

(Let’s be honest, we all know that by now riding the subway to work turns Vikki on.)

However, since I’m single and will likely be that way for at least a little while longer, these dreams will have to wait.

Happy jerking-off month! Any special plans? Come on, share!