a birthday spanking


Every year around this time I find myself wondering how the hell the year went so fast – where did it go? Can I get it back? The old maxim about time speeding up as you get older is 100% true.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I can’t quite believe I’m going to be 32, which sounds so very old in my head, though I know it’s not. It’s just that I don’t feel like I’ve lived that long yet – I have so much still I want to experience and do and learn!

For instance, I still haven’t perfected the art of the blowjob yet, and we all know I can’t give up until I do. Nor have I found another man with perfect fingers. Surely there must be others out there! (Remind me to tell you all one day about the one I did find, for a short time…)

I have also not tried the reverse cowgirl yet (how is that possible – I have no idea) or slicked up with oil and gotten down to business on a shower curtain or similar waterproof sheet with a partner. Anal things, too, have only been lightly experimented with, and I’d like to try a bit more. And I have to admit that despite all my subbie tendencies that there’s a part of me fascinated by the idea of strapping on a 6″ cock and gently introducing a partner to the joys of anal sex, as well.

Gosh, that’s just the beginning. I haven’t seen two men make love, despite my marked fondness for gay porn. I haven’t had sex in an alley or a men’s bathroom (shiver) or an elevator yet, either.

All these are on my List Of Things To Do. I can’t possibly be old until I’ve tried them all. Twice. 🙂


Sadly, there don’t seem to be any birthday spankings in my immediate future (geez – what’s a horny birthday girl gotta do?), but I’m hoping to meet someone in the new year who would be willing to administer them retroactively.

Are you all really sure you can’t fly to Toronto and give me the birthday spanking I so richly deserve? 😉

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  • Well, can’t really fly out there but how about some virtual spankings? =)
    *slap* One…
    *slap* Two…
    *slap* Three…
    Don’t worry, I’m sure you don’t look a day over 25. *wink*

  • Well, now you’ve had your birthday spanking, how about a BIRTHDAY MASSAGE…
    (*knead, knead, probe, knead……*) Roll over please (*knead, knead, probe, knead……*)
    Followed of course by a BIRTHDAY FONDLE
    (*stroke, rub, diddle, diddle, down the sides and up the middle…..*){Vixxie} Ah-aaah-ooooh—oh,yes!
    And of course, followed by a BIG BIRTHDAY HUG from all your fans. Enjoy!

  • Vikki
    To achieve what you want, you need to set things in motion some time in advance, they don

  • Thirty-two years old? By the time I deal out 32 hard smacks on your bottom, my right hand is going to be mighty sore. I will be quite perturbed by this, which will probably earn you additional punishment.
    Seriously… I turned 32 this year. Thirty-one was dirty fun, and thirty-two is dirty too.
    xo, philip

  • *spank* *spank*
    Happy Birthday. I’m about to turn 30 and was recently looking at lists as well. Mine wasn’t as much fun as yours. Perhaps I need to look at my list again! *grin*

  • Why make this category into a story like a fantasy story. And maybe you might get more responses to it. Everytime I read your stories I get really excited and my imagination goes into full force. And plus I love to think up my own fantasies but I try to write them down but it is hard to do. And when I go into adultfanfiction.net my imagination is still in maximum full force. And some of your fantasies are pretty much my fantasies too. And plus I’ve had some dreams of my fantasies as well.

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