mea culpa


Just occurred to me this morning (ah… even single, I can have morning-after regrets) that perhaps posting yesterday about my hatred of rubber and my fondness for giving head without protection might not be so politically correct given that yesterday was World AIDS Day.

Oh, sure, I’m not the only one out there making such a huge gaffe.

But I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea of being on the Vatican’s good side, for once, either.

Ah well. I’ve never pretended to be politically correct.

Vikki’s PSA: In the words of Van Wilder… Don’t be a fool. Wrap your tool.

There. All better? 😉

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  • Whooooa there! Before that goes toooo far – what is the HIV risk from cock-sucking bare-back? Am I rightt in thinking that it is minimal or nothing? Yes – maybe if you’ve open lesions in your mouth or have just had a tooth out -but you’d know about that.
    Even conventional STDs don’t spread easily this way. I think you’ll find your no more at risk of infection than by kissing some-one, and that’s apparently OK.
    I believe you can feel secure in your support of the Vatican’s no-condom policy.

  • To respond to the previous comment… the risk is close to nil for the one being sucked, but pretty high for the one doing the sucking and swallowing.
    Too bad they don’t have litmus paper for STDs… swap a drop of precum… if it’s green, you’re clean!

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