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I’m a very odd duck when it comes to the question of “cum”. I absolutely love for a man to come in my mouth – it’s my ending of preference, actually, as there’s nothing like feeling those pulses between your lips, thighs sweetly trembling, the soft cries of a man in ecstasy above you, and the warm salty taste of his pleasure. God.

What was I saying? Ah, yes.

The point I was trying to make is that I don’t find it at all demeaning to swallow a man’s “cum” – it seems like a natural extension of the act itself. I never even give it a second thought. Well, other than the occasional squinch that I’m not exactly following safe sex practices. The idea of sucking rubber just does not appeal!

But for some bizarre reason, take that selfsame liquid and spurt it on a woman’s face, or even her chest, and I hate it. I mean I really, really hate it. It grosses me out and it looks and feels cheap. And yes, I’ve had it done to me – it was years and years ago, but I never forgot how it felt.

Some of it has to do with porn. Sure it does. It makes women look like nothing better than a sock or a kleenex or the toilet – something to jerk off onto. And women in porn, God love ’em, are not helping, with the new spate of scenes featuring sticky strings of cum and saliva oozing out of her mouth onto his cock. Erg.

Yes, yes, I know I am not the target consumer for most mainstream porn but honestly. Guys, is this really sexy to you?

Ah well, doesn’t matter. I haven’t had any complaints from my desire to swallow fresh from the font. 🙂

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  • I have found a lot of girls with the same opinion as you. However, I enjoy it. It does make me feel somwhat degraded– but only in an enjoyable arena.
    My fiancee does enjoy it very much, and many of my guy friends have expressed the same sentiments.
    Same as everything else though, personal preference.

  • Yes – it bothers me too. Not cumming on Milady. When she takes it out of where-ever it is because she wants to see it all happen, the cum could go anywhere. Once she decided to watch it spurt over her clit and we must have got the angle right or something – the first spurt hit her in the face. She was soooo surprised that we both collapsed laughing.
    No – what bothers me is the “Hold still, slut, while I come over your face” type of thing. That is just an expression of male abuse. And the stupid thing is – it doesn’t even feel as good as cumming inside your lady. That sort of man is enjoying – what? Demeaning his lady? That’s sick!

  • talking about porn, i can never understand the desire of todays men enjoying anal sex with their ladies, and worst something called ass rimming. maybe im just backward.
    thanks for your answer to my question earlier…i think i will have to remember those words and remind its ok to cim (if the lady wishes)

  • Yes, I do get a certain enjoyment out of it. It is not an “all the time” thing, as I prefer the ending you do.
    But on occassion, particularly when I am in more of a “Dom like” mood, I like it for it’s controling, slightly demeaning quality. Precisely the reason many women do NOT like it.( And I would never consider it without a participant that was not adverse to it.)

  • Sexy is when the people involved are having a good time, even if I don’t think I would particularly enjoy [activity] personally. YMMV.

  • I hit myself in the face recently. I didn’t intend to, but it happened. Had my mouth been open it would have glopped straight on into it. I was surprised, but not revolted. After all, it’s a natural substance. I’m not very eager to taste it, though, I admit. Mine or anyone else’s. Anyway, I’m seeing someone who likes for me to come on her, and I get excited, as orgasm approaches, at the thought of doing that. But I’m not so sure it has anything to do with domination or superiority. I think it’s more like an extension of her acceptance of my body, my self, a kind of embracing of me. It feels like a kind of total embrace.
    What I dislike is seeing it depicted all stringy and viscous (and in vast quantities) all over someone’s mouth, etc. But then, that includes the intention of the depicter, which is presumably to arouse with such an image. It always looks unnatural and gross to me when they do that.

  • I wish my wife enjoyed my cum. I would find it extremely sexy to cum in her mouth, or hear her ask me to cum in her mouth. I know she likes to watch me cum, but it has never been on her face. If she gets me off orally, I’m usually on my back and she jerks me off onto my stomach and her hand, which she doesn’t lick off 🙁 If we’re having intercourse, I will pull out and cum on her stomach, back, or chest. She doesn’t seem to mind, and I think she likes to see it shoot out of me. Just wish she wanted to eat more of it.

  • Equal partner to be sure, but in sex the essence of the act is the submission of the female to the man. Certainly she wants to be taken and she gives herself for that reason. The man wishes to take her and the mating interplay dances toward his body entering hers. The essential quality is fucker and fuckee. I don’t say that necessarily from a dominance perspective and there are variations. What I refer to is the essence. The lovers can talk about it. Certainly there is give and take. The woman may wish to ride him and verbally or non verbally indicate that to him. However, how many women would be content with directing the play? How many want to grab his hips and roll him while saying “roll over baby I’m gonna make you bark”? How many want to prepare for anal while the male watches? Of course theres much more than that with a good director.
    Essentially, in sex with some minor variation a woman’s nature is submissive. A woman that won’t follow the wishes of a man in sex play isn’t stimulating to the man because shes not being fully submissive. Limiting passion is passions demise. Yes everyone has their limits. There are things that degrade or go beyond the pale. But semen or cum is not one of them and its presence in the woman’s pussy or mouth or upon her breasts or cheeks is certainly within the sphere of passionate submission. Women that would limit it are not fully submissive or passionate and many men would not have a women so willing to put boundaries upon desire when there are so many others desirous of “bathing in it”.
    But its not about seeing pearly cum contrast with brown areolas, pink tongues or a sex flushed ass. Its about barriers and trust and bonding.

  • Well, i’m a guy and you are right about some guys doesn’t enjoy seeing girls with their face full of cum.. I tink it’s a turnoff… One of the main reasons why i don’t see a lot of porn is because of that..it always have to end wit the girl being hosed down with cum..*lol*
    BTW. Great site.. smart grrl.. u go!! 🙂

  • Issue_Master – I disagree with you whole-heartedly. My sexual activities with my husband (or any other men) have very, very little to do with submission on my part.
    While not a “Domme”, I am usually the agressive partner in bed. I like to direct the play; I have no problem with grabbing hips & making my partner bark; I have no issues with anal sex (either preparing for it or actually doing it).
    So, am I not stimulating to a man?
    Why are you putting “boundaries on desire”?

  • I’m a guy. I can’t understand the appeal of facials. I don’t mind a sticky mess, but it doesn’t get me hot, either. I’d much rather my cock be *in* her mouth than *on* her face.
    Along those lines, a woman eagerly swallowing my cum is the most emotionally satisfying kind of orgasm– it says “I trust you” like nothing else. Soothing for body and soul.

  • I feel like something is wrong with me. I don’t like cum at all. What is the problem here? Is there anyone out there that has this problem? I love my husband dearly but I just can’t stand the thought of cum. I want to please him more though. I throw up everytime I see or feel cum. Please Help!!

  • My wife feels it is degrading as well although I have hit her in the face and she di not seem to flinch. IF I enjoy it, why wouldn’t she meet my desires if it is not that big of a deal?

  • I’m actually kind of into it, if the mood is right. Yeah, there’s a dominating *aspect* to it … but, that’s okay, there are dominating aspects to all SORTS of sexplay. My lover likes to go down on me after coming inside me, and if he’s cool with his come, why shouldn’t I be?
    Sex is messy and dirty when it’s done right, and if we occasionally want to revel in each others fluids, why not? (And how many guys *love* female juices on their faces after going down — every one I’ve ever dated!) So long as it’s not every time, I think a facial, given and received with enthusiasm (play with it girls, and beg for his come!) is totally appropriate, and really hot.
    Just one girl’s opinion.

  • I personally think cum “facials” are a big turn-on. This most likely stems from the degrading and naughty aspect of unloading on my partner’s face and the short-term power I have over her. She enjoys submitting as well and taking it on the chin (so to say). But there is always role-reversal in our relationship and we strike a great balance. Of equals and master-slave. The degrading element is what spices things up now and then. Don’t quite understand some people’s hang-ups. But that’s just me.

  • I have to concur with the last post – there is the defiling element, which is a definite kink for me. More than that, its this moment of supreme, albeit temporary, glorification of my release, that I find so inexplicably erotic. Its patently obviously as to why a lot of women aren’t into it – on their end it amounts to just a lot of goo. I suppose if she is turned on at all by it, it’s in the knowledge that she is enjoying getting her partner off (and hopefully he is reciprocating in some way). I don’t get the same level of turn on from watching a girl swallow, precisely because I don’t “see it”. I’d rather watch her play with it and expell it gradually so that it runs down her cheeks. That said, I don’t need to see her completely uncomfortable. Consensuality is key. But sometimes I feel like there’s something wrong with me because I really enjoy viewing this type of material. I am a shy introverted guy at heart, and a bit ashamed because I know that the average woman views it as degrading and undesireable, or because so many women and men just think its gross. I suppose this is where the “porn-as-proxy” argument comes in – porn actors/actresses are be surogates – acting out extremes which I would not likely attempt myself…

  • I think cumming on a womens face is degrading. It is like saying…you are worthless to me, an object…you are a cum rag for my pleasure. It has no merit of love whatsoever.

  • Call me different, but I really love cumming outside “the box”. My girl is swallower and she loves it. She LOVES IT! She begs for my “honey” (as she calls it). When I’ve tried to tell her how much I enjoy how she loves me…she doesn’t get it. She really doesn’t know what the big deal is. She thinks every girl on the planet swallows cum and it’s as normal as drinking water. And she’s in her upper 40’s. Now the facial thing I’m not touching, unless she wants to go there. But the other day I told her it had been a while and I was close to cumming, she looked straight up at me and said “baby, I want you to spill your honey all over me”…well I didn’t quite make it. At that request I happily lost my load within 15-seconds in her mouth as usual. I’m a happy man.

  • I like my guy to cum onto my breasts and sometimes on my face. Swallowing cum depends on my mood and most guys I hav been with prefer a swallower. My guy likes holding me to swallow his cum but once when he came ‘accidentally’ on my neck and breasts, I rubbed and massaged my breasts and scooped some to my mouth to lick and from then on he was hooked on cumming onto me 🙂

  • i get off on pleasing my man becuz he pleases me. after he brings me off two or three times i will finish him with my mouth. when i know he is about to cum, i ask him where he wants to unload — tongue, mouth, or face. i find it’s about evenly distributed. 🙂

  • When I cum on my girlfriend’s face, it degrades her, and thus it makes me feel more powerful…more of a man. But keep in mind that this act is only between my girlfriend and I. In between a couple, it shows who’s the dominant one and who’s the submissive one. In no way you are degrading her in a public situation, because That would be Wrong. Its just a mutual act. And of course, I do this with my girlfriend’s consent, and she seems to enjoy it. Its only natural for the male to be dominant in a relationship (at least a sexual one), and you’d just have to find a woman kinky enough to do it.

  • I have to say i really disagree with the thought that cumming on a womans face or breasts or in her mouth is degrading and shows whos really “the boss”. I was recently with a girl who constantly requested that i cum on her face or breasts or in her mouth and there was never a “shift of power” as they call it. It even got to the point where if i came too early and missed her face, breasts or mouthshe would become angry with ME. I eventually had to end the relationship because it started to feel as if she was trying to take control of me with something that belonged to me. I can see where its different for everyone though. In fact i not only love to “blow my load” all over a woman, and as well like watching it in pornos, but i feel its not a power thing but it is something that untill recently i considered “voodoo” and rare. Its something thats always been in my fantasy and i love to do, untill it becomes a power struggle. Im just afraid that sometime im going to forget to ask if its ok and give a woman the suprise of her life, and really upset her.

  • Well… I may sound stupid but it was a bit turn on for my last boyfriend. I have to admit that a big part of me liked the idea of him `cuming` while looking straigh at me with his eyes full of desire.
    Do any of you think it’s foolish to say that a cute face can also be a big turn on?

  • Facials are degrading. Women seem to buy into the hype that they are somehow empowering their boyfriends by doing this for them, when if you really got an honest answer from a man it’s his way of you being his slut. With that mentality, I’m surprised so many women are doing this. Maybe women aren’t as sexually liberated as they thought.

  • Facials are not intrinsically degrading. That is garbage. To each his own.
    The appeal of facials has many facets but I think there is one basic idea behind them.
    Bodily fluids are not nuclear waste.
    Thanks to the victorian era, sex was retarded a few hundred years. People, specifically women, were taught that sex and there bodies were bad. This idea should never be tolerated.
    For some facials may be a power play. Actually I think this is a ficticious idea formed by people who dislike porn or who suffer from a groupthink prejudice.
    For real people however, a woman that desires to see her man ejaculate is validating. Keep in mind that while small minds may be disgusted by porn facials, real facials are different. Porn emphasizes fast food cum shots with maximum facial coverage. Real facials are concerned with acceptance of a couples fluids as well as bodies. A full confirmation of each other. Please notice I said couples and not just man’s.
    There is not better way to say “I could care less about you” than to treat a lover’s bodily fluids as nuclear waste. You are telling them that you find them toxic and distasteful. That would never be what I would tell a lover.

  • I’ve never been into cumming on a woman’s face (though cool with me if you’re into that), but I do like to cum “inside” her…the only problem is that nowadays most of the women I date won’t let me because they want to practice safe sex. I guess that is the wise choice, but don’t you sometimes wish we could go back to the good old days?

  • “For real people however, a woman that desires to see her man ejaculate is validating. Keep in mind that while small minds may be disgusted by porn facials, real facials are different. Porn emphasizes fast food cum shots with maximum facial coverage. Real facials are concerned with acceptance of a couples fluids as well as bodies. A full confirmation of each other. Please notice I said couples and not just man’s.”
    “Real” people have sex, “real” people think for themselves and have limits & preferences. Facials to some may be erotic, but the look it has in porn is inherently degrading imo accompanied with take it whore in the process.
    “Real facials” exists with an onset reaction that’s different for each person. Rather it’s degarding, nonchalance or a good time. Acceptance is respecting your lovers limits and not enforcing onto them bullsh*t ideology for the sake of making your cumming feel better.
    “There is not better way to say “I could care less about you” than to treat a lover’s bodily fluids as nuclear waste. You are telling them that you find them toxic and distasteful. That would never be what I would tell a lover.”
    The same could be applied to pee fetishes which is a bodily fluid. You really don’t expect everyone to jump and say yes I’m a terrible person because I don’t give into my lover’s pee requests, now do you? It is not a sign to a lover they are any less because of a personal preference of not wanting to swallow cum or having it splashed all over your body. Only to pigheaded animals, that would like to sit on their throne with the flippance of to not take my cum is loveless.
    Let it be, that some finding it disgusting and misyognistc and others don’t. It’s as simple as that.

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