oh, the weather outside is frightful…


Okay, so it’s not exactly frightful (yet) but the holiday season is nearly upon us. Time to start thinking about what naughty little boys and girls want in their stockings this Christmas. Thought I’d get started on my yuletide wish list early this year. An exercise in futility, you might say, since I’m single for the holidays, but maybe I can store my goodies away like chipmunks in winter and bring them out to play when I’m not so single anymore.
Naughty things I’d like this year:

    bondage tape – this stuff looks delightfully useful in so many ways. Only adheres to itself so there’s no chance of it pulling out hair or pulling on skin. Red Geraniums sells a 65 foot roll (!!!) for $19. Yum.
    inflatable bondage bed – yes, I do have a wrought-iron bed that should work well for bondage, but there’s something a little naughty about having a blow-up bed specifically for that and that alone. Adult Toy Chest sells it, and it’s a little pricey, but this is a wish list, right? Why not.
    leather corset – it’s tough to find the exact one I want online, but this one at Lisa’s Leather is close. I’d want something a little lower cut, though. Cleavage is never a bad thing.
    something seasonal – OK, i admit it, I’ve always wanted something in red velvet. This delicious little ensemble at the Adult Toy Chest would so fit the bill. I’d have to pick up some naughty red heels to go with, but how is that a Bad Thing? 🙂
    butt plug – so I’m curious. I haven’t actually used one of these but I have this little fantasy where I have it, and a man, inside at the same time. Hmm. Well, as I said, it’s a wish list…
    create-a-mate – oh, this is fun! It’s a casting set that allows you to take a rubber mold of your lover’s penis – the shape, size are an exact match. If your lover can’t always be with you, at least his cock can!
    spanish fly – I can’t find this online, but a friend tried this recently and assured me it was the most intense 2 1/2 hours of lovemaking they’ve ever had. For two and a half hours, I’d be willing to pay a LOT! <grin>
    leather and fur flogger – combining the sensual texture of fur with the excitement of leather straps against your skin. Again at Adult Toy Chest. I love that place.Yum.

Well, that’s a good start to the holiday wish list. Have you started your list yet?

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