After a catastrophic crash of my home computer that left me in disconnected limbo for nearly a week, I’m back in the saddle (okay, okay, desk chair) again.
Nothing too in-depth to discuss today, but I did want to share a few random thoughts and finds:
1. porn spam: Does anyone read this stuff? Honestly, how successful can it be? I got 25 HTML email porn spams just this afternoon and have come to the conclusion that the average email user must be deeply stupid in order to not recgnize this stuff for the junk that it is. You’ll get a better quality offering by doing a search for “sex” in any search engine – and that’s saying a LOT.
2. sex speak: People love little quotes in their .sig file. I never seem to have the time or the patience to hunt down ones I truly like, but if that’s your bag and you’d like some sex-related ones, there’s a great little search engine here that can help you out.
3. written tendencies: OK, I’ve had a burning desire to try my hand and writing a full-length erotic novel. On a whim I stopped by the Black Lace Books site to see what was up, and it turns out they do accept unsolicited manuscripts. My little mind is teeming with possibilities. Once the holidays are past, I may give it a try.
4. spanking for newbies: Recently had my first-ever (sex) spanking. Funny how I spent so long worrying about how much it would hurt and if it would turn me off. When it finally happened, my primary reactions were that it didn’t last long enough, and I would have liked it even harder.5. dominance: Didn’t realize how accustomed I am to being the dominant or pseudo-dominant partner until I was with someone with similar tendencies. It’s tough to give up the reins. I’m still holding out for my fantasy of being totally dominated by a man, but I think it’s going to take more concentration than I thought to lie back and let someone else do the dictating – or dick-tating, as it were. 🙂

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