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As some of you know, I’ve been a fan of the silver bullet for quite some time. When I finally wore my little bullet out, I decided it was time to do some serious shopping around and get myself a replacement with a few more bells and whistles.
Enter the Space Explorer Vibe.

After trying to choose between several different bullets, this is the treasure I decided to try on for size. And a treasure it is. This bullet doesn’t mess around with piddly little “AA” batteries – it goes right for the gusto with a 9 volt battery. It definitely delivers more vigorous vibrations – and how can that be a Bad Thing?
In addition to just being more powerful, the Space Explorer (which I’ve dubbed the Starship Enterprise of vibrators) has five speeds – three pulsating, and two vibrating. It took me a while to get used to the pulsating speeds, but now that I have I can honestly say I love them. Truth be told, I rarely ever use the straight vibration speeds anymore.
Why? Well, the pulses work a little better with your physiology, or at least they do with mine. Sometimes straight vibration can be too intense, and almost numbing if you use it for too long. With the pulses, it’s still a steady, regular beat that you can count on (read: guaranteed orgasm) but without the numbing effects. And if you’re moving it around, it may not always “pulse” when you have it directly over your clit, which works a little more the way I like it – kind of like a “tease”. The orgasms it produces are among the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life, and they’re addictive. Believe me.
While these toys are obviously better used for external play, the vibe does work well inside as well. I find if I slide it in deeply, the pulses will stimulate not only the vagina but all the other little places inside. Again, like the bullet I reviewed before, this vibe is small enough to place high in the vagina and still leave you room for a male partner to slide inside. (* Please note this toy should not be used anally – or any other toy that does not have a flared end.)
The only downside to this toy is I find the pulses almost painful if the toy is placed just inside the mouth of the vagina. It vibrates hard against the pubic bone and can be uncomfortable; teasing around the opening is something I usually avoid here. It’s either in, or it’s out. 🙂
It is, bar none, a new favourite. If you’re looking to move on to the next step in bullets, I highly recommend you check out this toy.
The Stag Shop carries this toy, if you want to take a peek.

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