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For all the times I get dismayed by a lack of good material on the web, once in a while I run across a real gem that makes me remember why I love the web. Even more amazing, this site is a pay site and yet one without dyed blonde hair, silicone tits or closeups of cumshots!
If you’ve been following my diary, you’ll know I’ve recently become very interested in erotic photography and especially vintage erotic photography. This makes my latest discovery even more exciting.
Enter RetroRaunch. It’s a site of photography and videos from the last one hundred years – vintage clips from 60’s and 70’s porn, and photographs ranging back to a hundred years ago. They purport to have 18,000 images online with another 600 or so added monthly. I ran through the tour in short order and have decided to set myself up with an account for a month to check out all the goodies. Apparently they can even hook you up with some of their suppliers if you’re interested in collecting the offline version!
It’s pictures like these that interest me the most – and I’m hoping to really dig into this new world of photography and erotica. What a fun hobby this is turning out to be! Eventually, I’d love to have a home big enough to have a small library – all dark wood and leather, featuring my erotic book collection, my erotic *photography* book collection, with a few choice photos on the wall! Sort of a “naughty nook”, if you will. All very tasteful and old and a little naughty.
If you were a guest in someone’s home and ran across a small room like this, how would you react? Shock, curiousity, disgust? I’m betting on curiousity.

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