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You know, I hesitated for a long time writing about my issues with cunnilingus. I hate like hell to show my clay feet, and prefer most of the time to reside on the earth-goddess pedestal I just know you’ve all put me on. 🙂

That said, I’ve been blown away by the response I’ve gotten. The comments have been wonderfully supportive and full of some excellent suggestions, some of which I may just take under advisement with my next beau. When I get over the squirm factor, anyway.

One of the most lubricious responses came from the inimitable Jonathan Quince, who felt moved enough by my ick factor to pen an entire post of his own, Nectar of Godliness:

Live and learn. There are so many delights in this life oft taken for granted; and it is altogether too easy to assume that a thoroughly enjoyable activity would be pleasing to everybody. Thus, I was in shock to see that a woman could refuse to be on the receiving end of cunnilingus. “It’s icky,” she says (emphasis hers). Say what!? Making such an allegation in my presence is tantamount to telling an addict that cocaine is “icky”.

The entire post is really wonderful, penned in Jonathan’s matchless over-the-top style. And all I could think reading it was: Oh, man, where were you when I was young and dating boys who did think it was icky?

Careful readers will note his tongue-in-cheek (ahem) offer to duly tie me up and offer me the relief I seek, were I ever in his presence. Good gravy. Let’s just say such a statement made me tongue-tied, to say the least. Luckily, my tongue is not required to pen a response here, and I’ll simply say that the young lady in his life is a lucky one indeed.

As for me, I continue to work towards finding inner peace about my issues with this act. Nancy Friday once coined it as the “cloaca concept”, and I could relate immediately. But hearing from all of you, including Sir Jonathan, has helped immensely to reassure me that there are indeed some men who really enjoy it, and perhaps at some point I may find one and give it the old college try again.

Thank you, all!

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  • The foolish men who dislike doing the tongue for their ladies are a disgrace to the gender.
    Provided that my paramour has the courtesy to ensure her cleanliness, I simply adore smelling the musky perfume and tasting her moist desire. There’s no feeling as wonderful as teasing her to the very ege of release – – and holding her there – – until she’s wracked with the primal, animalistic NEED to climax. For a woman who appreciates it (reciprocity is soooo important) and can relax enough to let the enjoyment sweep over her (it’s not an intellectual exercise, don’t be so self-conscious!), it can be an amazingly emotionally intimate experience.

  • Dear Vikki:
    I have emailed you my first note, as I am quite new here. I might not have written here had I not read,
    “Those who do not play nicely will not be allowed to play in this sandbox!”
    I did…play in a sandbox. I was 8, JA was nine, a redhead with quite long legs. She was among small group of us who played “doctor”. 🙂 We also traded oral tasting. Quite true.
    The one I remember with glee and laughs from my fem therapist is the first time JA took me in her mouth. She was eating “Crackerjacks”, can you believe? Some hot story huh? 🙂

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