a little skin for Christmas

You know, I swore this year I wouldn’t bugger around with trying to find holiday items to link to; I did enough of that last year.

But I just ran across this blog tonight, featuring links and sexy Christmas photos, and had to share:

Also, Eden has added a Holiday category to both her R-rated and explicit photo galleries, including two in the R-rated of Carmen Electra that were just sizzling, and made me think twice about this whole never-trying-women-again policy of mine. 😉

Really great stuff. And saves me from having to find sexy links of my own this year. If you’re the type who likes to combine their tinsel with their lube (cranberry flavored? I’ve heard of stranger things) then check these two links out, and happy holidays to all.

oh and one more for the blogroll

I also keep forgetting to blogroll Ken over at Suburban Sex Blog, shame on me, spankings owed. 🙂

His site just makes me laugh. I realize that’s not why he’s writing it, but oh, how I wish I could have found that forceful, pissed off voice during the dark years with the Ex (i.e. He Who Has No Sex Drive). It sounds so healthy. Well, healthier, anyway, than my own experience, my own voice. Mine was more of a quiet desperation, a very lonely voice, with a good pinch of “sticking my head in the sand”. While I did eventually find that angry voice, by then it was too late, I was too bitter, and the marriage was doomed.

I should introduce my ex to his wife. They’d make great friends. 😉

oh my nose

Now, I know what you’re thinking when you read that title. You’re thinking that Vikki must have been getting herself all kinds of wild, over the top, major-home-appliances-involved kind of kinky sex to have hurt her nose.

And it’s an amusing thought, really. I’m almost inclined to play along.

But no.

So how did I hurt my nose?

It’s simple, really. Was making the daily rounds of my blogroll and stopped in to visit the lovely folks at Fleshbot. And they, in turn, had this to share with me…

John Kerry is Hung Like A Horse

At which point I began to laugh so hard the apple juice I was drinking went not down my throat but out my nose.


Oh, you gotta love Fleshbot. They find the best stuff.

add 2-5 inches instantly – update

So a while back I mentioned finding a blog written by a gentleman, ostensibly not connected to drug companies in any way, who was keeping a record of his experiment with penis enlargement drugs.

I don’t know why I thought of this tonight, but I did, so I went back to look at how his progress was.

Amazingly, through a combination of the pills and some exercises, he gained about 30 mm (Google tells me that’s just under 1.2 inches) in 16 weeks. And what’s more, he’s kept that extra length just by keeping up with the exercises (he’s not on the pills any more).

He also has reported feeling more aroused and that sex is better as a result. He’s created a graph that shows his progress. The increase once he started adding the exercises was impressive.

What’s more, the change was significant enough that his girlfriend noticed.

He’s apparently inspired other men to try the same thing, and they too are having good results.

I have to admit my curiousity is piqued. Guys, is this something you’d ever see yourselves trying? And girls – would you ever be interested in having your men try it out?


Whole bunches of stuff to talk about today… sorry it’s been so long since my last post!

The Viagra Prank: This guy decided to give Viagra a whirl, to see what all the fuss was about (link snagged via Kottke). Aboslutely hilarious adventure. My favourite quote:

I suddenly realized that my wife hadn’t taken a drug. She was this way naturally. Do you see what I’m, ah, driving at here? Suddenly I was made aware of how little I had been doing all these years to satisfy my wife! Viagra SUCKS!

Elsewhere on the web, Fleshbot recently linked to Cyborgasmatrix dolls, yet another twist on the RealDoll. Anybody other than me totally creeped out by the lack of forearms and lower legs? I got the creepies for days after seeing this. And is it just me, or does she totally look like a guy in drag?

In my last post about posing for photos and posting them on the site, I was asked in comments even for just a general description. I was tempted for days to post something about being 6′ with long titian hair down to my ankles, but The Boy has kindly taken care of it for me, and posted a few facts about Vikki Up Close and Personal. I’m still blushing as I write this.

Coming soon – how I am doing with resolution #7.

pretty new legs

Well, the imagined new design is now cut, styled and up for your perusal. It’s been tested in most major browsers on PC, but if it looks wonky for you, please let me know.

Finally, I have a blogroll of sorts – been meaning to do so for ages, if only for myself so I can hop down to my favourite sites anytime I like.

Can you believe I’ve been doing this for five years? It’s the 2nd longest running site I’ve ever maintained. Whew. Time flies when you’re horny!

Hopefully, this new design (coupled with the very naughty new boy in my life) will inspire oodles of interesting posts for your delectation.
Until then…

redesign coming soon

Amusingly, just as soon as I complained about not having enough time to do some reconstruction work on this blog, I got inspired by a snazzy illustration and reworked the whole canoodle in an hour in Photoshop. It’s sexy and I think you’ll all like it; look for it within the next week or so.

I see the new boy in my life this evening. Strange, to be this excited about seeing someone. After two years of being alone, it’s an odd sensation to be so looking forward to his phone calls, his visits, and most definitely his kisses.

Did I mention he loves to tease? It’s enough to make a girl’s knees go weak. Damn, but he knows how to push my buttons!

the sexless marriage support forum

You know, being in a sexless marriage was one of the most difficult things in my life. I felt very alone, very ugly, very worthless. And very frustrated, because I found my husband wildly attractive.

The worst part of all, however, was being alone.

The point is, I talked about these times in my life during two major posts: the sexless marriage, and the sexless marriage, redux.

Funny things started to happen over time. Other people started to post their stories. And talk to one another. Wish I’d known there were so many people out there living the same life as mine back when I was married. Before long, I had dozens of heartfelt stories posted to each page. And each one broke my heart.

I wanted to help, but really, I also know that each person has to work things out for themselves. Still, support and knowing you’re not alone count for something.

Because these pages were both incredibly long, it wasn’t practical to leave them up permanently and continue to take comments. So, I’ve closed access to both threads and opened up a message board where people can continue to share their stories and give each other support.

You can find the sexless marriage support forum here:

I’ve got a free trial for 30 days. If enough people find it useful, I’ll fork out the money for a three-month package, and then we’ll take it from there. I hope it serves as a better replacement for the threads I’ve seen in the two posts linked above.

If you run a web site and would like to link to the boards, feel free.

kinky Christmas #4

For spankophiles, nothing says I love you like a whap on the bottom. During the holiday season, why not show your love with a Christmas theme?

Nothing says Christmas like a light caning on the bottom with a PVC candy cane.

Don’t know how to make one? Here are all the instructions you need!


I don’t know how much abuse this cane could take, or how much force you could put behind it (I suspect not much) but still… How much fun is this?