the power of a smirk


There’s just something about a smirk.
It’s one of the most powerful sexual tools a man can possess. Used properly, it can cause arousal, anxiety, excitement, and more. No, really. It can make your heart race and feel like it’s going to explode of your chest. A good smirk can do this. It drives you crazy. It says:
I know how I affect you.
I know you’re attracted to me.
I know you want me.
In your mind so much more is going on.
But right now we’re a foot or two apart.
I know how to drive you crazy.
And that’s exactly why I’m doing it.

The important thing about the smirk is it must be backed up by reality. You really must hold that kind of sway over the other person. You must really have a good idea how to drive them crazy, and know already that the smirk is a part of it. If you have all that, the smirk becomes a tool of great power.
It’s powerful enough that even talking about such a smirk in conversation can cause the blush, the arousal, the anxiety. It’s powerful enough that I can become fully, achingly, throbbingly aroused with just a well-placed smirk; no touching neccessary.
An excellent smirk from the movies: In Chocolat, Roux (Johnny Depp) is watching Vianne (Juliette Binoche) walk away. He smirks, and then says “I’ll come round and get that squeak out of your door”. Killer smirk.
Brian Kinney and Spike are kings of the smirk.
A number of men from my past (Jeff, in particular) were also good at the smirk.
There are days when I greatly miss the presence of smirks in my life. Today is one of them.

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