Who am I?

I’m a deeply horny, puppy-owning, santa-collecting, certified web geek (I have the papers to prove it). I’m a divorced chick in my early thirties who loves thinking about, reading about, talking about, and at times even having sex.


Why do I have this site?

Well, it started out as a place to post my erotic stories. Then, as blogging became popular, I decided to use the site to help explore my sexual thoughts and ideas in full view of the public. [laughs] Honestly, I chose the web the way a painter chooses to paint or a writer chooses to write. The web is what I do, a big part of who I am – it’s my medium of choice.

The site also started because of the separation, which eventually became the divorce, from my husband. I had lived in a sexless marriage for so long I felt like I had lost my sexuality. Exploring sex, reading about it, thinking about it, was one way for me to begin to reclaim that lost sexuality.


What do I find sexy?

Lots of things, really.
A man who pays attention.
I love the tease.
I also like chest hair.
Gay male porn is hot, hot, hot.
And I love fingers.


Some of my firsts

If you’re interested, you can go and read about some of the first kisses I ever had. Or the first boyfriend (not that he was really a boyfriend, but I digress). If you’re looking for laughs, you might enjoy the first time I tried to lose my virginity or the first time I tried anal sex, both of which are deeply funny.

I also wrote a three-part story about my first introduction to submission: part one, part two, part three.


My favourites

My favourite diary entry is called Victim of War, which I wrote several years ago.

My favourite stories, in order, are:

  1. The Lovers Part One: The Gift
  2. The Seduction
  3. Erotic Dream: 1
  4. The Subway
  5. The Elevator


For the record (in answer to questions you’ve asked)

I am very pro-sex-positivity. Porn bashers drive me crazy; I have my own healthy little stash of both porn and erotica and I enjoy each equally.

The most important word in my sexual vocabulary is consensual. If both adults agree of their own volition to share something, then it’s OK by me. Kids, animals, and the like do not agree with my personal sense of morality because they cannot in my opinion consent.

There are many things I have done, and many things I’d be willing to try. You can read about some of them here. Things on my absolute no-no list include but are not limited to: blood or watersports, plushies, anything involving diapers or needles or knives, anything involving the word “torture”, heavy-handed humiliation… not to judge those that enjoy these things, they’re just not for me.


Still have questions? Go on, ask away – I might answer! 🙂


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